Craig is like putting a mirror in your organization. He gets people to recognize how they can improve their effectiveness as leaders. His approach is direct and nonthreatening, and is based on the idea that personal success means helping the team win.
Daryl Kenningham, President
Gulf States Financial Services

I have used Doug twice for our management team’s strategic planning retreats. His approach is always tailored to our needs – he actuallly takes the time to ask questions about what we want to accomplish and listens intently.  In both cases he exceeded my expectations, and I would engage him again without hesitation.
Joseph O. Salsich, President 
BMT Designers & Planners Inc.

Craig's approach is characterized by listening carefully, gaining a full understanding of the issue, and only then providing his insights and suggestions. He speaks his mind in an unobtrusive, common sense way. I've grown to respect his judgment, especially in coaching managers and leaders in a changing business environment and particularly like that he speaks in simple declarative sentences.
Jim Yardley, Executive Vice President
El Paso Pipeline Group

For the Architect of the US Capitol, Doug was instrumental in bringing diverse and conflicting parties together to define and achieve critical goals. Doug has the uncanny ability to communicate at all levels of an organization with clarity and candor. His work in revitalizing the energy and spirit of the organization still resonates through the great halls of the Capitol Building.
Amita N. Poole, Former Superintendent
U.S. Capitol Building, Architect of the Capitol

I have used Craig Wasserman for several years to assist me with both my personal career development as well as the organizations I've led. Craig provides keen insight into organizational dynamics which has been instrumental in helping me build and manage the groups of people I have been privileged to lead.
Tom Mitchell
Chief Financial Officer
Noble Energy

Doug Katz provides extremely useful management advice, concerning both executive and junior level staff. His understanding of organizational structure and functioning and how to make both work best is remarkable."
Alan Leshner, Former Director
National Institute on Drug Abuse
National Institutes of Health.

We worked with Doug Katz for several months in an effort to build consensus around a set of guiding principles for a controversial campus enhancement project. Doug brought experience, patience, and a sense of humor to the process as he facilitated a series of discussions among a group of people with diverse opinions and interests.  We were very pleased with the results.
Ronna Borenstein-Levy
Director of Public Affairs
Suburban Hospital

For almost a decade Doug Katz served as an executive coach and  facilitator of a strategic planning process for the National Center for Victims of Crime.  In both capacities, Doug consistently worked more efficiently and effectively than anyone would have imagined possible, and most importantly, always brought out the best in people.  I have never worked with a consultant so universally respected and appreciated.
Susan Herman, Former Executive Director
National Center for Victims of Crime
Associate Professor, Pace Univeristy