The Invisible Spotlight: An Appreciation

We’ve received an overwhelming number of comments since beginning this blog. They’ve come from all over the world! Needless to say, we’re both flattered and encouraged by your response.

You’ve asked thoughtful, challenging questions about the management role; you’ve offered kind words about our ideas and writing style; you’ve reported on how our thoughts have been helpful to you in your work; you’ve even complimented us on the design of our website. We especially appreciate those of you who’ve invited us to purchase auto insurance, home mortgages, and sex-enhancing medications. Exactly how these products and services are related to the task of managing people, we’re never quite sure. But they do make us laugh.

We thank you for your interest, your loyalty, your intelligent reflections on managing, and your concern for our performance in the bedroom. We will continue to blog and look for you to tell us what would be most useful to write about. Be back soon….

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