The Invisible Spotlight: Your Employees’ Prayer



Help him to be disciplined and in a good mood so we can get our work done without unnecessary distraction.

Grant him the patience to let us finish one assignment before he assigns another, the sense not to delegate the same task to more than one of us at a time, the understanding that making mistakes is how human beings learn.

Instill in him the maturity to recognize and give credit to the worthwhile ideas and efforts of others, the skill to speak in words that we can understand, and the foresight to let us know what he wants so we have a fighting chance to make him smile.

Give him the grace to get along with his colleagues, the presence of mind to speak well of us whenever opportunities present themselves, and the confidence to represent faithfully our abilities, contributions and needs to his bosses.

Help him to realize that his opinions of us as individuals and his thoughts about the organization as a whole are enormously valuable to us, and that we appreciate hearing the good and bad from him as early and as directly as possible.

And most especially, show him how to keep his insecurities and self-serving tendencies out of our relationship.

When it’s all said and done, please grant him the wisdom to fully appreciate that doing his job well has the most profound impact on our ability to do ours well.

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